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Solution 1:

IXON Power BI connector (no-code)

The IXON connector connects data automatically from the IXON cloud to Power BI.

Solution 2:

World map with live status of machines

Constantly analyze the status and alarms of your machine fleet with live IXON data.

Solution 3:

Integrate IXON Cloud data to Azure

Our standardized solution integrates IXON data to Azure warehousing.

Solution 4:

Management data (Monitor IXON cloud)

Monitor the activity of users within the IXON cloud. Track type of connection (VPN, etc..) or amount of remote sessions.

Solution 5:

OEE performance overview of fleet

Monitor the OEE performance of the whole fleet by combining data of multiple machines.

Solution 6:

Embed reports back to the IXON portal

(Free): Embed Power BI reports and dashboards within the IXON portal for free.

Solution 7:

Export CSV data with the connector

With the help of the IXON connector, CSV data can be exported in seconds.

Solution 8:

Mail reports weekly to end-clients

(Free): Automatically e-mail reports with the built-in subscription functionality.

Solution 9:

Custom Power BI consultancy

StriData can support visualizing IXON data by developing reports/dashboards.

Solution 10:

Live reports with streaming datasets

Constantly monitor and display live IXON data within your Power BI dashboards with the help of a streaming dataset.

Solution 11:

Distribute Power BI connector to clients

With an active company licence, you can give all your end-clients access to the IXON connector.

Solution 12:

Python/R and Power BI with IXON data

With the help of the IXON connector it's possible to run Python/R scripts in Power BI desktop

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