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IXON Connector

StriData is official Technology Alliance Partner of IXON. We offer a (no-code) custom IXON connector.


StriData enables data reports and dashboards with well known data tools such as PowerBI, Tableau or Looker.

Custom connectors

StriData is specialized in the development and supports integration with BI connectors.

StriData official IXON partner

StriData developed a custom IXON connector which automatically loads data from the IXON cloud to PowerBI

How do we work

1. Initial meeting

During the initial meeting the goal is to listen and identify the data challenges and needs the organization is facing.

2. Data Extraction

The first step consists of extracting raw data from a variety of sources. StriData makes use of the ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) principle. We are specialized in the development of data connectors and support the integration of (custom) BI connectors. This means that your data is ready to be analyzed in no time.

3. Creating data insights

The extracted data makes it possible to easily design and develop within data tools such as PowerBI, Tableau or Looker.

4. Final delivery

When both parties are satisfied the final delivery will take place. A demo will be given to the end-users, explaining and showing all possibilities of the developed data solution. When the project is finished, the organization will be able to actively analyze data .

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