StriData official IXON partner

StriData developed a custom IXON connector which automatically loads data from the IXON cloud to PowerBI

Our IXON services

PowerBI connector

As official Technology Alliance Partner of IXON. We offer a (no-code) custom IXON PowerBI connector.

BI connectors

Using SQL datawarehouse, we can also connect IXON data to other BI-tools such as Tableau and Looker.

IXON Solution shop

Visit the IXON Solution shop to discover all the posibilities regarding the IXON Cloud and StriData

PowerBI IXON connector

IXON cloud

Within the IXON cloud tremendous amounts of machine data is available to analyze.


The IXON connector connects data automatically from the IXON cloud to PowerBI, by using IXON’s API.

Analyze in PowerBI

This means that all desired data from the IXON cloud can be used to develop dashboards and reports within PowerBI.

How does it work?


Power BI connector
Subscription model:
  • 1 year licence
  • Power BI dashboard example(s) included
  • Cancel subscription anytime
€ 2000

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